IoT Workshop for High School Students at ETSISI

On April 9-10, 2023, ETSISI (Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería de Sistemas Informáticos) de la UPM (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) hosted a workshop aimed at high school students interested in studying computer science. The event took place at our campus in Madrid, with 30 students from different schools participating.

The workshop focused on the Internet of Things (IoT) and its application in creating smarter and healthier environments. Students worked in teams to set up IoT systems to monitor environmental variables like CO2, volatile organic compounds, temperature, and humidity. They used these sensors to send data to the cloud and integrated a traffic light system to indicate when the measured levels were higher than recommended.


One of the key parts of the workshop was the group discussion. Students talked about how IoT systems could be used to improve city life and make spaces more responsive to the needs of their residents. They considered the future of IoT in society and how they might be part of this evolving tech landscape. The IoT workshop provided a practical and educational experience, helping to spark interest in technology among potential future students. Events like these are essential for inspiring the next generation of tech innovators.

We’ve included three photos from the event to show the students in action. These images illustrate their engagement and enthusiasm as they learned about and built IoT systems.