Open Content, Method and Pedagogic Design

Showcasing Urban Trees for Environmental Education with
IoT Technology. SUTEE is an ERASMUS+ Strategic Cooperation Partnership in the field of school education project.

Ref. No: 2023-1-ES01-KA220-SCH-000153498


The objectives of this work package are to make urban environmental information accessible and connect dispersed and diverse (partly controversial) climate actions in a pedagogically sound way fit for different sectors of education. It will enhance awareness of what is actually happening in public urban spaces by involving relevant data from the discourse on urban climate and ecosystem protection. This encompasses regional policies and strategies, overarching European and UN targets for 2030 and beyond, city planning and environmental activities, and the underlying environmental laws. In addition to the official voices in climate protection, scientific research and urban activist movements or NGOs concerned with protecting urban ecosystems and trees will be approached for input and insights. In this way, a highly diverse information space will be funneled into an educationally viable structure. Another aim of this WP3 is to connect the pedagogic approaches with the set of competences demanded by 21c citizenship.

This will build on the existing competence frameworks for digital and data skills (DigComp, DigCompEdu) and green competences (GreenComp) and break it down to the level of urban living and learning. It will be the basis for enabling higher democratic participation in matters concerning trees and biospheres in expanding metropolitan regions. It will also equip the future generations with essential discerning skills to shape the urban future and job market. At present, there is very little research available on plant based learning and technology (cf. literature review by Leo- Ramirez et al. 2023). By using scientific methods, the work package will aim to fill the void through interconnecting researchers and practitioners, and produce scientific publications that can form the foundations of an international research community in urban environmental protection and technology. Multiplier events will be used to strengthen this approach.

Work package tasks

  • Content/data collection as open educational resources to support WP4 training Pedagogic framework for delivery and design
  • Learning design templates for competence development in technology and environment
  • Building a scaffolded approach to raise awareness of the importance of UTC and biodiversity in cities
  • Scientific publications and multiplier events to widen public and researcher awareness of urban climate issues

Work Packages

Monitoring Green Urban Areas with IoT Technology

Open Content, Method and Pedagogic Design

Learning Activities, Training and Pilots

Urban Synergies: Cross-cutting Activities and Exchange

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