SUTEE in curriculum development

Teacher education in Austria currently undergoes major redesign. This includes a new approach to the curricula currently studied by thousands of prospective teachers for primary, secondary and vocational schools. PHW has been running a very complex development process that also includes a number of cross-cutting themes that are intended to be implemented in all school subjects. Among them are the themes “Internationalisation” and “Science and Research”.

To this end, on 10 June 2024, a curriculum development workshop for teacher educators at PHW has been organised. SUTEE was presented as a positive example for international cooperation, the environment as a pressing global societal challenge, as well as for creating awareness for environmental education through study programmes that impact young generations to come.

Figure 1. SUTEE info poster at the curriculum workshop.

Some 45 colleagues from different subject disciplines and education strands gathered and looked at the positive examples that were presented. SUTEE among them proved to be quite popular and many interesting points of awareness were raised. The poster workshop also engaged people in how to integrate SUTEE topics in the curriculum. At the event, went on to promote our forthcoming SPOC course, dedicated to intensive training in environmental education suited for urban settings.