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Showcasing Urban Trees for Environmental Education with
IoT Technology. SUTEE is an ERASMUS+ Strategic Cooperation Partnership in the field of school education project.

Ref. No: 2023-1-ES01-KA220-SCH-000153498

Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia

Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia


UNED (Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia) was founded in 1972. UNED courses are taught in the Distance for students all over the world. UNED has over 200.000 students enrolled in 2019-2020 year. Offers 30 graduate studies including Economics, Business, Tourism, Electronics, Electrical, Communications and Computer Engineering. Those are complemented by post-graduate courses like 50 Masters and doctoral studies.

UNED has around 1600 teachers and 1200 staff. Offer post-graduate and life-long learning (600 subjects of Continuous Education) for people who want to continue studying in a life-learning model. Furthermore 20 languages courses and more than 100 courses in Summer school. UNED has taken a leading role among universities of the world in a bid to further develop and improve distance education. UNED is an academic institution that integrated new technologies within traditional methods, aiming for optimum course quality. UNED works intensively to update and improve its distance learning methodology through a pervasive use of ICTs, which is reflected on its educational services (CiberUNED, educational TV and Radio, UNEDmobile, etc.).

UNED Abierta and UNED COMA are two initiatives to open contents and learning objects to the Society (OCW based, iTunes strategy, etc.) as well as to have the larger number of MOOC courses following our strategy large and massive students (having the larger student number in the Spanish community) as well as implementing new initiatives, as the first worldwide MOOC based on remote laboratories for practice and study of electronics. It has a mandatory requirement to support and guarantee the participation of disadvantaged groups in higher education, working for long time in the full integration of people with disabilities as full members of the university.

UNED group is very important to the project consortium because it has provided technology, open and free quality education to more than 20,000 adult students through several MOOCs related to Finances, Languages, Electronics, Microelectronics, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Industry 4.0 and mobile apps development. UNED has as students the larger community in Spain of Special needs Students, having more than the 50% of the Spanish high education students. UNIDIS is a specialised group focusing in the area of curricula adaptation as well as in the better use of technology to avoid detected problems and to increase the level of proficiency of the students with special needs complementing the work of the IUED, the Interdepartmental Institute of Educational methodologies of the UNED.

UNED provide education from EQF 3 to 8 ranging from Access to University and open Languages and Vocational and Lifelong Learning, to increasing together with High Schools in the STEAM competences for young and family to professional activities and engineering.


Sergio Martín is Associate professor at the Industrial Engineering Faculty of the National University for Distance Education (UNED). He is a Computer Engineer, PhD in Industrial Engineering. IP of a R&D project on Industry 4.0. Co-IP of the I4Labs research group for “Connected Industry and Educational Technologies for Engineering”. Coordinator of the UNED Master on Connected Industry and of the UNED MicroMaster on Internet of Things.

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