SUTEE contribution to EDUCON 2024 conference

SUTEE partners have presented the communication titled “IoT and generative AI technologies to support urban environmental learning” in the IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON) 2024 held in Kos (Greece) on May 11-13, 2024.

This paper focuses on the critical role of urban environmental education for addressing both human well-being and climate change, especially in densely populated metropolitan regions. Recognizing the particular vulnerability of these urban zones, the study introduces educational innovations to respond to these intertwined societal and ecological challenges. By integrating advanced technologies such as sensors, IoT, and generative Artificial Intelligence with inquiry-based pedagogy, the initiative promotes broader democratic engagement.

This approach results in the development of accessible technological solutions that visualize and disseminate data on key urban environmental indicators, such as tree coverage and heat islands. By merging these technologies with pedagogic activities, the study presents novel learning designs that bolster both digital and environmental competencies.

A cascading model ensures that educators and academic institutions are equipped with the necessary training, tools, and designs to champion eco-conscious urban information strategies, further supported by open online learning activities for effective real-world application.