SUTEE project website launch!

SUTEE project announces the launch of the project’s website. Through the SUTEE project website one can be informed about the project’s aim, objectives, results and outcomes, activities, project partners, and the project’s news as well as to the contact form to contact the project partners. 

The project website has the following structure:


This is the website’s main page. Here one can see information relevant to the project (description, aim, objectives), the project’s work packages, as well as to the partnership (project consortium). There is also a news feed redirecting to the news items and the project news blog.

At the ABOUT page you may find information regarding the project. More specifically this page provides a description of the project, its work packages, and the members of the SUTEE project partnership. One can access each of the work package pages and each of the project partner pages by selecting to be redirected through the relevant sections. 

This section of the website includes the work packages main page as well as the page of each work package. The work packages main page includes a navigation menu redirecting to the work package of choice. Each work package has its own page were one can find their detailed description, and related developed content and documents.

The consortium section of the website, similarly to the works packages section, has one main page and one page per project partner. At the main page of the consortium, one may access the page of each partner through the navigation section of the page. Each partner page has information about the project partner organization. 

The news section of the website is a news blog, meaning that there is one main page to allow the navigation through the news items and one sub-page per news item with all the content. This is the section that one can be informed on the project’s progress and the implementation of its work packages and related activities.

The contact section is basically a contact form to support the communication between anyone interested in the project and the project team. The form is integrated on the website and simple to use.